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As a small company, we prioritize supporting our team and fostering a positive, flexible, and enjoyable work culture. 


Our work and client focus allows us to directly contribute to the security and success of our community and we believe that security is the key ingredient in opening up the promise of technology.


We thrive on deep technical challenges and relish the opportunity to extend our knowledge and explore the limits of the technologies we work with.


We enjoy what we do, and we think you will too.

Security Researcher

Location: Flexible

Hours: Part/Full-time

Security research is the driving force behind all we do at Countersight. This work feeds directly into all our client work, and through that contributes to capability that supports the security and prosperity of our community.

Our security research spans a wide range of technologies, from embedded and IoT systems through to mobile platforms communications protocols. We are looking for people with experience in the following areas:

  • Low level programming C/C++

  • Reverse engineering

  • Mobile platforms & apps (Android/iOS)

  • Linux internals

  • Embedded/IOT systems

  • Vulnerability research

  • Debugger and emulation tools & techniques

Previous experience in a security research or similar role would be ideal, but we would be equally eager to talk to you if you are looking to get into security research and have relevant skills and a demonstrated interest in the area.

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Software Engineer

Location: Flexible

Hours: Part/Full-time

Software Engineering is the foundation of our work, whether we are engineering custom systems, building bespoke security capability or delving into security research, the ability to build, customise and reverse engineer software is key.

Our Software Engineers work across a range of projects with varied applications and a diverse set of technologies, including:

  • C/C++, Go, Node, React, Python

  • Embedded and mobile systems

  • Networking protocols

  • DevOps toolchains

  • Cloud systems


Working in small teams to solve unique problems, this role would suit people that enjoy being given wide latitude to overcome technical challenges, are comfortable rapidly adapting to new technologies and are enthusiastic about expanding their skills and experience.

We are looking for developers from early career through to senior practitioners. Previous experience in a security-related role or a demonstrated interest in the area is a plus.

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Cybersecurity Consultant

Location: Canberra, ACT

Hours: Part/Full-time

Consultancy gives us the chance to provide a direct positive impact on a day-to-day basis. It provides a force multiplier for our clients, while allowing us to learn valuable lessons that feed back into our security research and related work.

Our Cybersecurity Consultants work with clients to directly address the risks they face through targeted capability development. This includes technology integration, processes development and training teams with the goal of fostering self-sufficiency within our clients.  Our consultants work across a range of fields and specialisations, including:

  • Incident response & threat detection

  • Threat intelligence & reporting

  • Systems design & accreditation

  • Governance, risk & assurance


Working either individually or in small teams our consultants work on engagements ranging from short-term assurance exercises through to long-term deployments embedded as subject matter experts within client teams. 

We are looking for people with relevant experience and an interest in consultancy work, from mid-career through to experienced consultants. A background in consultancy is not a must-have, and we would be interested in talking with anyone that is looking for an opportunity to get into consultancy.


Relevant accreditations, certifications or training are a plus.

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Secure Systems Engineer

Location: Canberra, ACT

Hours: Part/Full-time

A significant part of our work involves designing, building, and integrating the systems that underpin the capability we deliver to clients. High-quality systems engineering drawing on the best in DevOps, automation and orchestration technologies provides a multiplier effect to our clients, enabling them to get more from scarce time and resources through efficient, effective and integrated systems.

Our Secure Systems Engineers work with a range of opensource, commercial and bespoke solutions, leveraging our expertise in software engineering and research to deliver highly capable, tailored solutions.

Technologies we commonly work with include:

  • Linux (including embedded) and Windows platforms

  • Cloud platforms, including Azure and AWS

  • Automation & orchestration systems, including Ansible

  • Cloud automation, including Terraform and AWS CloudFormation

  • Containerisation, including Docker and Kubernetes

  • Git and various CI/CD pipelines

  • Python, Powershell, Bash and other scripting languages

  • Virtualisation technologies, including Hyperv, KVM/QEMU, VMWare

  • Network engineering across disparate hardware vendors


Whether working as part of an end-to-end team to deliver fully integrated capability or as a subject matter expert consulting with clients to refine existing systems, this role provides wide technical exposure set within a context of interesting, variable and meaningful work.

We are looking for people from early career through to senior practitioners with previous experience in a system engineering or administration role and familiarity with some of the listed technologies. This role would suit someone looking to broaden their experience and potentially transition from a service delivery role to a true engineering focus.

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How to apply

Get in touch using this form or send your current resume and a brief introduction via email to

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