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At Countersight we believe that effective security should be within reach of every organisation. So we’ve created a range of tools and services designed for resource-light environments and dedicated to giving smaller organisations the kind of cyber security capability normally reserved for large businesses. 

From security advice through to network monitoring solutions, whether you are dealing with a critical incident or just want to get ahead of the threats, we have the capability you need without the requirement of big budgets or specialist teams.


Our services

Good cyber security is about more than just the products you install on your network, it requires careful planning, design and ongoing execution backed by the knowledge to truly understand the risks and tailor your responses appropriately. For many organisations getting access to this expertise is difficult, exacerbated by an industry-wide skills shortage and stretched resources.

With this in mind, we've created a range of consultancy and advisory services to bridge this gap. Whether its a Security Adviser as a Service offered on a flexible retainer basis, through to ongoing network monitoring or one-off security engineering, incident response, assurance and review consultancy engagements we provide access to the skills you need, when you need them, and on your terms.


Our platform

The Countersight monitoring platform grew out of our experience in responding to threats on everyday networks and is continuously honed by lessons from the real world. It is lightweight, capable and designed for IT professionals with no specialist cyber security training. 


An intuitive interface and industry-proven capability, combined with the ability to monitor almost any system in real-time, allows you to detect attacks early and respond rapidly if the need arises. Deployed either on-premises or as a fully managed cloud instance, it is designed for rapid deployment and easy scaling no matter how large or small the network.

The Countersight difference:

Expertly built - Our team are cyber security veterans with years of experience in network defence and security engineering.

Custom designed – Countersight has been designed and built for smaller organisations.


Easy to use – Countersight is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need a background in IT security. You don’t need lengthy training. In just minutes a day you can ensure that your systems are secure whilst identifying any threats that need further action. 

Effective – Countersight’s powerful capability, combined with a focus on usability means effective security even with limited time and scarce resources, empowering our users to new levels of security selfsufficiency.

Great value – We believe in transparent pricing. Our simple price plans have no hidden fees. Our fullymanaged cloud deployments guarantee that there are no unexpected hardware costs, so the additional burden on your IT staff is minimal.


Expert Support – From deployment through to every day monitoring and incident response, we are here to help you get the most out of Countersight. The Countersight knowledge base and support service is built to ensure every query is addressed rapidly and resolved with minimal fuss.

Nick George

Countersight was founded by Nick George and Nick Mazitelli, industry veterans with extensive experience in incident response and security engineering across government and the private sector. They founded Countersight to provide a new generation of products and services after seeing lots of smaller organisations struggle to cope with resource heavy solutions.


Nick Mazitelli

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Countersight are proud to have been selected by DCMS to feature in the CyberUK 2018 Innovation zone. We are alumni of the FFWD accelerator run by the acclaimed Accelerator Academy, as well as an ongoing member of the Cyber101 programme run by the Digital Catapault on behalf of DCMS. You can also find us on the Cyber Exchange.